AOA Fiber Arts Competition

The AOA Fiber Arts Competition allows Fiber Artists to display their creativity and workmanship, compete against other Fiber Artists, and receive valuable feedback and ribbons. All entries will be on display at the AOA Natural Fiber Extravaganza after judging is completed.

Please review all competition rules.

Section 3. Fiber Arts

(Rules taken from the AOA Show System Handbook, Part VI, Chapter 24, Section 3, Page 80)

The purpose of the Fiber Arts competition is to showcase products made with alpaca fiber.

  1. A completed Entry Tag must accompany the item, stating the farm name and/or the artisans name, address, and item’s classification. If known, the name and a photograph of the alpaca from which the fiber was gathered may also be included and attached to the Entry Tag.
  2. Items must have been completed during the last year.
  3. All entries, in all classes, must consist of a minimum of 50% alpaca fiber.
  4. Fiber Arts items will be divided by Division, Category, Group and Class as follows:
    1. Divisions:
      1. Beginner: (working in the Fiber Art for less than two years).
        1. Junior — ages 18 and younger.
        2. Adult — over age 18.
      2. Intermediate (working in that Fiber Art for more than two years).
      3. Advanced (working in that Fiber Art for more than five years and/or has submitted to a juried event).
    2. Categories:
      1. All handwork: 100% handspun yarns with 100% hand-made construction, and/or 100% hand felted (may use commercially prepared roving).
      2. Partial or non-handwork:
        1. Use of commercially spun yarn and/or machine knitted, woven or felted.
        2. Less than 100% hand felting.
    3. Groups:
      1. Woven.
      2. Felt.
      3. Knit.
      4. Crochet.
      5. Lace.
      6. Multiple construction techniques.
    4. Classes:
      1. Accessories — any technique.
        1. Gloves, hats, socks, slippers, purses and other small wearable items such as jewelry.
        2. Shawls and scarves.
      2. Garments — any technique: Sweaters, jackets, dresses, vests or complete outfits.
      3. Hearth & Home — any technique.
        1. Art and toys (pictures, figurines, etc.).
        2. Home furnishings (rugs, pillows, afghans, wall hangings, containers, etc).
  5. Each artisan may enter one item per Division/Category/Group/Class.
  6. Each item must be accompanied by a written description that provides construction details. This description will be included in the points for judging. The description requires, but is not limited to, the following information:
    1. Fiber preparation.
    2. Fiber content.
    3. Techniques used.
    4. Intended use.
  7. Written descriptions shall not exceed a 3” x 5” card and must not contain identifying information, including but not limited to alpaca name, individual name, or ranch identifying information. Note: Description cards containing identifying information will be removed and no points for written description will be awarded.
  8. No substitutions at the show.
  9. Judging criteria: Items will be judged anonymously with points given for:
    1. Visual appeal (Total possible points: 25).
      1. Design (9).
      2. Color (8).
      3. Texture (8).
    2. Craftsmanship (Total possible point: 60).
      1. Cleanliness (5).
      2. Cohesiveness (Subtotal possible points: 15):
        1. Consistency.
        2. Tension.
        3. Gauge/stitch size, etc.
        4. Correctness of finish.
      3. Structural durability (Subtotal possible points: 20):
        1. Selvedges/joins.
        2. Correct needle size or correct set.
      4. Finishing (Subtotal possible points: 20):
        1. Notions.
        2. Blocking.
        3. Final finishing.
        4. Handle.
      5. Creativity and innovation (Total possible points: 10).
      6. Construction description and Intent (Total possible points: 5).
  10. Fiber Arts exhibiting parasitic infestation shall be disqualified and the reason for disqualification shall be recorded on Judge’s Worksheet.
  11. The minimum Fiber Arts Score to award a blue ribbon is 60. If none of the items in a class achieve 60 points or above then the Judge shall start placements with a red ribbon in that class.
  12. First though third place ribbons shall be awarded in each Division/Category/Group/Class. Show may award fourth through sixth place ribbons as well.
  13. The Judge or Fiber Arts Show Superintendent may change the Category/Class of an item at his/her discretion.
  14. Classes may be combined if less than four entries per class are received.
  15. Special awards: The show may choose to offer Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice Awards. The intent to offer these awards shall be indicated on the Application for Certification. An entry must have a minimum score of 80 points for Judge’s Choice.
  16. There shall be no ties in scores.
  17. Judge’s decisions are final.
  18. A Fiber Arts Scorecard shall be completed in ink and signed in ink by the Judge for each item entered. Fiber Arts Scorecards represent feedback from the Judge, and shall be returned to the exhibitor with the entry.
  19. The Judge shall complete a Fiber Arts Worksheet in pencil and signed in ink.
  20. The Fiber Arts Show Superintendent shall return the End of Show Requirements including the original signed Judge’s Worksheet and Fiber Arts results to the AOA Show System Administrator within 30 days of the conclusion of the show as the official records of the AOA Show System.