Practical Marketing in a Digital World

The internet has forever changed how we decide what to buy. We can have two responses to how this change affects our alpaca business. One approach is to resist. We can seek to maintain the status quo, lament about the good old days, and even try to convince ourselves that things will get better if we just stay the course. The other approach is to embrace the change. We can see change as an opportunity in disguise and then figure out a way to grab hold of it to seize the potential that it presents.

This seminar covers practical marketing tips in a digital world. If you're interested in growing your business and connecting with new buyers, you'll learn proven tactics for every farm that can be put to work right away.


Jay Reeder

Sunday • July 21 • Seminar

Chattanooga Room
9:30 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.