Alpacas of the Heartland

Alpacas of the HeartlandWe have had alpacas since 2008 and began participating in NAFD the very first year after we only had 6 alpacas for 1 month!! We had about 80 visitors the first year then 125 then 250 then 500 then 1000 and last year we topped out at 1600 visitors for 2014!!! We are definitely getting the word out about alpacas.

Alpacas of the HeartlandWe provide food to feed the animals and we have about 20 volunteers per day that help us with the event wearing Alpacas of the Heartland T-shirts so that visitors know who they can ask questions. We do let people quietly roam among the alpacas and we pass out food and let visitors feed the alpacas. Volunteers monitor people and educate and answer questions. We have 25–30 alpacas each year and we went through 100 pounds of carrots last year!!Alpacas of the Heartland

Alpacas of the HeartlandWe also have spinning demonstrations—sometimes educational talks about alpacas in a classroom. And of course, we have tons of alpaca merchandise for sale!!! Two years ago we had a TV crew out to interview us before the event and that was on the nightly news. Last year we had a TV crew out during the event filming some children feeding the alpacas. We usually get it the paper to advertise it ahead of time and of course we post it on the internet and Facebook. It is a huge event and people come back year after year and tell all their friends about it too!Alpacas of the Heartland

Sheri Jacoby
Alpacas of the Heartland LLC
Fort Calhoun, Nebraska