Macedo's Mini Acre

Macedo's Mini AcreLast year we had close to a thousand visitors. We were busy from before actual hours to nearly an hour after closing!

Macedo's Mini AcreWe have a small information center and shop on site. One of our daughters is in charge every year of this area. Another daughter takes care of the parking area and general information. We sold out of many of our yarns, folks like the fact that we have many colors of natural fiber. Handspun yarn was also popular and I sold right from my spinning wheel on Sunday. We also sold hats, purses, and other items we create. Socks from a co-op we belong to sold out.

Macedo's Mini AcreWe've had alpacas and llamas for over ten years and have participated in NAFD nearly every year. Some people come every year and help spread the word. Last year visitors were privileged to witness an alpaca birth—it was textbook and "Idunno" was on many social media sites!

Macedo's Mini AcreWe purchased alpacas due to their fabulous fiber, I am a fiber artist and love working with them. NAFD allows others to get a close look at them and see what unique livestock they are.

Maureen Macedo
Macedo's Mini Acre
Turlock, California