Vonnie Sumner

Vonnie SumnerYvonne 'Vonnie' Sumner, and her husband, moved from the suburbs to the country in 1999. They ended up in Browns Valley, California, in the Sierra foothills, just one hour north of Sacramento. They quickly realized that they needed some help with the weed maintenance. They attended a llama show in Grass Valley, California, and were struck with awe at the beautiful, well groomed llamas. While out buying llamas, they fell in love with a year-old huacaya alpaca, Tico, with a very sweet personality. He was a good fit at their ranch.

Vonnie is the owner of Foothills Costuming. She had been the costume designer for the Borgamaria Lyric Opera in Marysville, California, for several years. Vonnie merged her love of sewing with her camelids when she discovered that some llama shows had a special competition section for costumes. She ended up winning a ribbon every time she entered, too! Her delightful creations have been seen on her alpaca and llamas in many local parades (and the local newspapers), and not to forget the California State Fair!

Vonnie is a former member of ALSA and the ILR, and LANA. Cal-ILA is the current organization. She recently went back on the board of directors for Cal-ILA.


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