Fleece Conference Education

Saturday & Sunday, July 15–16, 2017

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Agri-tourism — an Invite is all it Takes for a Secondary Cash Flow

presented by Wade Gease
sponsored by Luv R Pacas

How Agri-tourism is sustaining farms. Strategies, contacts, farm stores, products, handling the public and partnering are all ways to create positive income flow. Alpaca Business Consultant, Wade Gease will show you tips and ideas from around the world that work!

Better, Smarter Business

presented by Small Business Association — Sacramento

Breeding Strategies for Fleece: Color and Beyond

presented by Dr. Andy Merriwether

Learn the basics of alpaca color inheritance and some quick advice on EPDs and dealing with breeding for fleece traits. A quick overview of how to make each color and how to avoid colors and patterns you don't want to breed for. Also, a very quick overview of how to use the AOA EPD program to improve the odds of fleece improvement.

Defining the ABC’s for Building a Successful Value-Added Fiber Business

presented by Stacie Chavez

Interactive presentation, discussion and exercises in choosing the best value added program for your ranch. Detailed look at three different paths a ranch can take to build a healthy thriving natural fiber business. How to build pricing for your products. How to calculate what price you are getting per pound for your fiber. What are the highest margin products? Come learn and share.

Fiber Arts Tools that Won't Break the Bank

presented by Andrea Nissen

The price tag of basic fiber arts tools can be enough to deter even the most enthusiastic, but knowing where to save and where to splurge can make working with alpaca fiber an affordable endeavor. Andrea will share what she has learned, through trial and error, about thrifty alternatives to turn farm fresh fleece into lovely finished product. Whether you are a fiber artist or farm owner who is looking to make the most of your fiber, these affordable tools will help you get the fiber job done without needing to take out a second loan on your home.

Fleece to Yarn — A 12 Step Process

presented by Russell Ratti

Russell will be demonstrating the different machines in the mill and their purpose as well as criteria as to what fiber is best for which end products.

How to get the Best Value when using Online Marketing & Social Media

presented by Stacie Chavez

The beginning basics of online marketing, what options are out there? Optimizing social media by increasing awareness about your ranch brand. Little tricks of the trade. How to get noticed and remembered. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Just Getting Started — Fiber Business

presented by Small Business Association — Sacramento

Maximize Every Blanket Yield of Fiber

presented by Julie Roy

A discerning breeder knows that not all alpacas or their blankets are created equal. Each alpaca yields fiber that produces a variety of purposes over its lifetime. Whether you have a few fiber pets, a small, medium or large herd, making a wise choice about what to do with each year’s fiber harvest could be a daunting task. Julie will take the guess work out of the multiple ways to maximize every blanket yield of fiber so that you can see your profitability increase. Her goal is to encourage you to get your fiber out of storage and put it to use!

Practicality of Sorting and Grading for Beginners

presented by Wini Labrecque
sponsored by Heart & Soul Alpacas and Spinnery

Join us for an overview of what sorting and grading is all about. Using visual tools and fleece samples, we will discuss what is being evaluated in the fleece to put it into uniform batches. Also presented will be the different sorting/grading requirements by various fiber co-ops, brokers, and buyers and the importance of meeting those needs.

Simple Profits from Your Alpaca Fiber — Beginners

presented by Brian Schieber

A beginner seminar, Simple Profits from Your Alpaca Fiber describes simple solutions for alpaca farms looking for ways to earn income from their fiber. The seminar will offer numerous how-to options which are focused on easy and quick solutions for the busy farm.

Simple Profits from Your Alpaca Fiber — Intermediate

presented by Brian Schieber

This intermediate seminar goes into greater details with ideas and options on gaining greater profit from your alpaca fiber. Includes hints on each step of the way from shearing to final sales, with multiple options to choose from.

Also to be discussed are future trends and opportunities for expanding your farm profit with alpaca fiber and profits.

Utilizing Fiber for its Best Use

presented by Wini Labrecque
sponsored by Heart & Soul Alpacas and Spinnery

Let's learn what you have in your fiber and how best to utilize it for end use. End use may be processing it on your own through mini mills, contributing to fiber co-ops or fiber pools or developing product for retail sales. We will discuss an overview of fleece properties of importance in processing, options for various parts of the fleece as well as end product packaging, labeling laws, and new product development.

You’ve Entered a Fleece Show or Spin-Off and Have the Results…Now What?

presented by Julie Roy

What good is a wall of ribbons if nobody sees them or can interpret what went into winning them? What’s the best way to leverage the winnings and the show blankets or spin-off results? Open discussion on multiple ways to benefit from entering shows, marketing the results, and other non-show methods of proving a herd’s worth.