Fleece Conference Workshops

Friday, July 14, 2017

Registration Required, Space is Limited, Material Fees May Apply

Dress to Impress — Camelid Costume Workshop

presented by Vonnie Sumner
Material Fee: $45
Maximum Class Size: 8

Yvonne "Vonnie" Sumner will show you how she makes her camelids the showpiece of every event and outing she takes them on, and have lots of fun too. She will share her experiences of preparing her costumes for her camelid to be in the show ring. She will teach you how to transform basic clothing into an extraordinary masterpiece for you and your alpaca. Learn techniques and considerations of costume design. The workshop concludes with you making your very own basic alpaca outing event pack. This design pack shape is customized for you to carry bottled water, and your ranch business cards/brochures to be able to hand out to your alpaca's many admirers. With just a bit of fabric and tassels if you want, and then some more glitz, these packs turn into real eye-catchers (if just having your alpaca out and about isn't enough!).

Fee includes basic fabric pack already made, and some trims to custom embellish it with. Fabric color and designs will vary.

Can order more packs to take home and embellish later.

DIY Fiber Testing — Micrometers and Their Usefulness for On-The-Farm Testing

presented by Wini Labrecque
Free to Conference Attendees
Maximum Class Size: 20

Understanding your fleece micron ranges can help in evaluating uniformity, yield, and batching for like grade. This seminar will discuss the options available to the farm for fiber testing and the practicality and usefulness of the tools that can be utilized on the farm.

Intro to Nuno Felting

presented by Norm Johnson
Free to Conference Attendees
Maximum Class Size: 15

Norm Johnson will be hosting a class that will introduce you to nuno felting. Each participant will create their own scarf in the process. Silk scarves will be used as a base fabric with alpaca, mohair, bamboo, and silk used to embellish it. The goal of the exercise is to allow participants to experience the process with less focus on creating an extravagant product though both may be attained. Class is limited to 15 students. Materials donated by Chimera Ranch.

Needle Felting

presented by Stacie Chavez
Tuition: $10
Maximum Class Size: 15

In this 2-hour workshop you’ll get a tutorial on felting needles; the different gauges and how to use them as you create your penguin figurine. Learn how to create the basic penguin shape, use a pattern to add the coloring details, learn to create basic designs and add 3-D shapes. Then learn how to finish edges for a professional finished project.

Take home: Penelope Penopscot — a 4” penguin figurine, materials and instructions.

Materials: Kit includes 3 felting needles: one 36 gauge, one 40 gauge, one 38 gauge star tip, felting pad, sculpting material, alpaca fiber and instructions.

Simple Projects for Alpaca Fiber

presented by Wini Labrecque
Tuition: $15
Maximum Class Size: 15

This workshop will share a variety of small craft projects that can be done on the farm with alpaca fiber including baggy felting, straw weaving, cardboard weaving, and finger braiding. Attendees will be able to participate in doing their own cardboard weaving to make a small pouch. All materials will be supplied.

Simply Suri

presented by Andrea Nissen
Tuition: $25
Maximum Class Size: 10

Love suri fiber, but not sure what to do with it? Lose the fear of suri and learn the techniques that make working with this beautiful fiber easy. This workshop is centered on hand processing technique. Explore different lock structures and their creative possibilities. Attendees are encouraged (though not required) to bring a sandwich size bag of their farm's fiber to work with and receive feedback from instructor Andrea Nissen.

Spinning Yarn: Basics and Beyond

presented by Andrea Nissen
Tuition: $35
Maximum Class Size: 10

Learn the basics of spinning during this 2 hour workshop. Andrea has a great track record for helping spinners overcome their spinning challenges and start spinning the yarn they want. You’ll start with the basics and then progress to more advanced techniques (beaded yarn, Navajo ply “N-Ply” spin from the fold, lock spin). Drop spindles will be used in class but the technique and theory are directly applicable to spinning with a wheel.

The Benefits of Entering Multiple Spin-Offs with One Fleece/
How to Increase the Value of Your Herd with Spin-Off Results

presented by Julie Roy
Free to Conference Attendees
Maximum Class Size: 20

In the first part: The Benefits of Entering Multiple Spin-Offs with One Fleece, Julie will cover some of the basics about why and how to enter a spin-off. She’ll do a hands-on demonstration about the way to enter multiple spin-offs with the same fleece. And participants will discuss several case studies about interpreting spin-off results.

In the second part: How to Increase the Value of Your Herd with Spin-Off Results, Julie will share how she increases the marketability of an individual alpaca with spin-off results compared to others with just histograms. She will discuss how to increase the value of a herd with this tool and a variety of ways to utilize the small handspun skeins from spin-offs to increase profitability.