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AlpacaGram 4.50
AlpacaGram 4.50July 10, 2017

Help Your Veterinarian
Learn More About Camelids

Is your veterinarian looking for opportunities to learn more about alpacas and llamas? If so, there are several options available.

First, there are multiple conferences around the country that provide continuing education for veterinarians on llamas and alpacas, some of these offer track(s) for owners.

Conferences available in 2017 include:

AVMA Annual Conference (veterinarians)
July 21 25, 2017
Indianapolis, Indiana

American Association of Bovine Practitioners (veterinarians)
September 14 16, 2017
Omaha, Nebraska

Greater Appalachian Llama and Alpaca Association (veterinarians and owners)
November 2 5, 2017
Corning, New York

Second, if your veterinarian cannot get away for conferences, there is the Camelid Distance Education Program put on by Kansas State University.

And finally, you can encourage your veterinarian to join the American Society of Small Ruminant Practitioners (AASRP). AASRP’s mission includes improving the health and welfare of camelids. For more information, have your vet go to

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