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AlpacaGram 4.56
AlpacaGram 4.56July 27, 2017

Dear AOA Members,

Following the recent National Fleece Conference and AOA Annual Meeting, we are moving ahead, quickly preparing for National Alpaca Farm Days (NAFD). NAFD is a tremendous way for our farms across the country to promote the alpaca industry, and we need you!!

Traveling around the country to shows and meetings of our affiliates, I continue to talk about the importance of AOA members in advancing the industry. YOU are the best promoters of the industry. YOU are the ones who have the powerful stories to tell prospective members. It is wonderful to speak with people interested in getting started with alpacas when I attend shows, but the best resource for these prospects to the industry is YOU!

It is imperative for us to always be promoting the industry and drawing people into the wonderful world of Alpaca, whether as a consumer of goods, or as a farmer. At the annual meeting, our keynote speaker, Celeste Malvar-Stewart spoke of her love of using Alpaca in her designs. She first tried using the fibers because someone suggested she look into using Alpaca!! We never know when a conversation we have will resonate with someone and draw them closer to Alpaca.

Please consider opening your farm to the world during National Alpaca Farm Days!! You never know who may show up and how you may bring them to the industry. Last year before NAFD, I had just participated in a phone interview for the position of Executive Director. I then searched for a local farm to visit during NAFD and took my family along so we could learn more about Alpaca. This farm visit drew me to this position and I could not be happier being your Executive Director.

AOA has many tools available to help you promote the industry and National Alpaca Farm Days. After registering for NAFD you will have access from your dashboard to sample press releases; personalizable posters, banners, and postcards; and Cindy Berman-Morrow, AOA's media specialist. Cindy has put together information on how to get media coverage for NAFD. Also, with your registration you have the benefit of contacting Cindy for one-on-one advice at or (216) 952-7510.

NAFD registration is now open! Register online today for NAFD and join the many farms across the country in promoting the Alpaca Industry.

Thank you for everything you do in support of the Alpaca Industry. The industry is successful because of you and your commitment to promote Alpaca.


Bud Synhorst

Bud Synhorst
Executive Director

Midnight Moon @ R&R Suris

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