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AlpacaGram 5.66
AlpacaGram 5.66August 21, 2018

National Alpaca Farm Days

September 29-30, 2018

Dear AOA Members,

Recently during vacation, I attended a wonderful training with John C. Maxwell, the world’s most published author on leadership. Over time, I have read many of his books and enjoy the guidance he provides on leadership. While participating in the conference, I was moved by a quote of his, which made me think of our AOA members, “We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are.”

This powerful statement reminds me of the passion, resilience, and commitment of YOU, the members of AOA. I am often inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of our members whether it is coming up with new ideas to promote their farms, ideas for events which introduce alpacas to the public, or just by welcoming new and prospective members to the world of alpacas.

You, the members of AOA, are the greatest promoters of the industry. You all are the best asset any association could have to help grow the alpaca industry. The stories you share are inspiring!

Now is our annual call-to-action to promote alpacas in your community by introducing others to alpacas, alpaca products, and the alpaca lifestyle. It is imperative for us to always be promoting the industry and drawing people into the wonderful world of Alpaca, whether as a consumer of goods, or as a farmer.

Please consider opening your farm during National Alpaca Farm Days! You never know who may show up and how you may bring them to the industry. AOA provides many tools to help you promote the industry and National Alpaca Farm Days. After registering for NAFD you will have access from your dashboard to sample press releases and radio ads, posters you can personalize, banners, postcards, and Cindy Berman-Morrow—AOA's media specialist. Cindy has put together a step-by-step media coverage guide for NAFD. Also, with your registration you have the benefit of contacting Cindy for one-on-one advice at or (216) 952-7510.

NAFD registration is now open! Register online today for NAFD and join the many farms across the country in promoting the Alpaca Industry.

Thank you for everything you do in support of the Alpaca Industry. The industry is successful because of you and your commitment to promote Alpaca. If you have any questions related to NAFD, please contact AOA at 402-437-8484.


Bud Synhorst
Executive Director

Register for National Alpaca Farm Days today!

We want your NAFD event to be a sucess and to help with this, we have discounted several products through the month of September. See AlpacaGram 5.64 for details.

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