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AlpacaGram 6.77September 6, 2019

Register for National Alpaca Farm Days

September 28-29, 2019

Registration for National Alpaca Farm Days (NAFD) is now open! Sign up EARLY to take advantage of the national promotion and to get your event on the map! Visit the NAFD section on your member dashboard to register and to get access to all the promotional materials included with your registration.

Cost to register for NAFD is $25 for paid members and $35 for others. For members with Advanced Marketing Packages or Benefactor Packages NAFD registration is included and you will not be charged when checking out.

Special discounts are available on select products to help you prepare for NAFD. Prices good through September 30, 2018.

Register for National Alpaca Farm Days today!

Alpaca Fun Facts

Alpaca Fun Facts
(pack of 50)


Activity Book

Children’s Activity Book


Alpaca Owners Guide

2018 Alpaca Owners Guide
(pack of 5)

(regularly $25.00)

Meet the Alpaca

Meet the Alpaca Booklets
(pack of 25)

(regularly $20.00)

Alpacas as a Business

Alpacas as a Business Booklets
(pack of 25)

(regularly $20.00)

Fiber as a Business

Fiber as a Business Booklets
(pack of 25)

(regularly $20.00)

Order soon to make sure your products arrive before NAFD!

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