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AlpacaGram 3.99
AlpacaGram 3.99November 22, 2016

Dear AOA Members,

The AOA Board of Directors is aware of social media discussions regarding breed standards in the alpaca industry and would like to provide all of you with additional background information to what had been previously reported in our “from the board” AlpacaGrams.

The Suri Network has developed a revised Suri Breed Standard and months ago asked for and received comments from both their members and other suri owners across the country. After making some changes in response to the comments received, the Suri Network has recently placed the new Suri Breed Standard before their membership for a vote. The AOA Board has communicated with the Suri Network Board about the possibility of utilizing their Suri Standard for AOA. While that appears to be acceptable, no formal agreement has been reached between the two organizations since their revised standard has not been adopted yet.

The AOA Board has approached some of the creators of the revised Suri Breed Standard and asked them to draft a standard for huacayas using the same format. Once this draft of standard is developed, the AOA membership will have the opportunity to provide comment. The exact process for facilitating this process is being developed and will be communicated as more is known.

In addition, the exact process for how AOA will formally adopt these standards is still being defined by the AOA Board of Directors.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the board through the online contact form, choosing "Contact Board" in the category drop down menu.


Norm Johnson

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