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AlpacaGram 3.102December 1, 2016

What’s Going On? — Info from the Board

Bud Synhorst Named AOA Executive Director

Robert “Bud” Synhorst is the new executive director of AOA, and will begin his service to the association on December 5.

Bud has a great track record of creating excitement and achieving strong results in member-based organizations through his networking and relationship management skills. He brings a diverse background of nonprofit and for-profit experience to the association. His resume includes nearly 20 years of executive management, planning, administration, and communications experience. An energetic and highly motivated person, Bud has a proven history of playing an integral role in developing and executing revenue generating initiatives.

AOA President Norm Johnson said, “Throughout his career, Bud has shown a commitment to and a focus on team building, proved himself as a devoted servant to his constituents, and achieved success through fiscal and operational management skills.”

Bud, his wife Nikki, and daughters Allyson and Chloe attended the A-OK Alpaca Blast Off show in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Bud and Nikki have another daughter, Grace, who had other plans for the weekend.

More about Bud’s resume can be read in AlpacaGram 3.87.

AOA to Forego National Alpaca Auction in 2017; Revamping and Rebranding for Future Years

After considering how to improve the alpaca auction to accompany next year’s National Show, your board has concluded that more time is needed to revamp, rebrand, and rebuild the alpaca auction into a high quality event appropriate for a National Auction. So, we will not have any alpacas auctioned in Denver this coming year. However, we will have a live auction featuring high-quality, high-value items, and we’ll still have the gala evening as a ticketed event. Members interested in donating auction items, such as time share vacations, airline miles, herdsire breedings to color champions, farm equipment, should contact Becky Farley at AOA.

Looking ahead, we welcome your suggestions for our revamping and rebuilding the National Auction. Ideas that already have been offered up include an auction limited to a select number of color champions or alpacas in the top 1% of EPDs, combining the National Auction with an affiliate auction on a rotating basis, or having a stand-alone auction separate from the National Show. As you can tell, we’re open to novel ideas. Let us hear your “what if we…” thoughts by contacting any board member or our staff, including our new executive director.

Offers from Alpacas Magazine

We are into the holiday gift-giving season. If you’d like to recognize your new alpaca clients, veterinarians, loyal fiber customers, transporters, and others who help make your business thrive, you can give them all gift subscriptions to Alpacas Magazine for 2017. The holiday offer is a year’s subscription (4 issues) to the magazine in 2017 at only $25 for US subscriptions. Order your gift subscription online in December to take advantage of this special rate at Please contact the AOA office with questions or if you need help ordering your gift subscriptions to the magazine.

Alpacas Magazine also is reducing its fee for a 2-page Ranch Profile to just $1,100, in 2017. The Ranch Profile is a quasi-news story with photos about your alpaca farm or fiber business, or other alpaca pursuits that you may have in the industry. The magazine has a limit of two per issue. If you’d like to have your farm or business featured, please contact to discuss and set up your feature.

Now is the time to take advantage of these offers to get more attention for your farm and alpaca business, to invest in your sales program, and to participate more fully in the overall alpaca market economy.

Our Appreciation

Members of the board would like to express deep appreciation to the AOA staff who have shouldered additional responsibilities during our transition to a new executive director. We’d also like thank President Norm Johnson, who has served admirably as interim executive director since the beginning of September. Thanks to all for the countless hours you’ve dedicated to the association.

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