AlpacaGram 4.04 — Important Announcements from the AOA Office

AlpacaGram 4.04
AlpacaGram 4.04January 13, 2017

AOA Office Update:

Student Design Competition Material DOnations and the New 2016 EPDs

In order to reduce the number of AlpacaGrams we send to the membership, we will combine topics as often as possible, so please make sure you read each item!

AOA Student Design Competition Call for Material Donations

The AOA Fiber and Fiber Products Committee is currently planning the 14th annual Student Design Competition. This program is vital to the future health of our industry; as such, we need all hands on deck for support of this program. In the coming months, we will be asking for financial support to help cover the students’ costs, but at this time we need to gather samples of yarn and fabric so that sample kits can be sent to instructors at the colleges and universities in January of 2017. For complete details on how to donate materials and the 14th Annual Student Design Competion visit

2016 EPD Calculation

The 2016 EPD calculations have been uploaded and are ready to aid you in your breeding decisions. Remember, all EPD calculations are private unless you mark them public. Be sure to read through Dr. Enn's Producer Report for help using your EPD calculation. More education can also be found on Alpaca Academy.

Membership Renewal is Now Open!

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