Oak Lawn Alpacas, LLC | Wisconsin

AOA Silver BenefactorIt is amazing how seeing these incredible animals once, can start you down an unforgettable journey. That is what happened with us in 2006 and hence, we were born into the alpaca lifestyle.

Some of our greatest pleasure comes in mentoring new breeders and sharing our journey. We started with the purchase of 3 alpacas and have grown our award winning herd to near 40. We have made many new friends through farm visits and industry events and we give credit to our success because of those cherished relationships.

So whether you’re new to the industry, an experienced breeder, or simply someone wanting to learn about raising alpacas and great country living, please contact us to arrange a visit.

Oak Lawn Alpacas, LLC — Established 2006

Oak Lawn Alpacas

Don and Connie Payne
W3703 Oak Lawn Road
Iron Ridge, WI 53035

phone (920) 253-7971


Oak Lawn AlpacasOak Lawn AlpacasOak Lawn AlpacasOak Lawn Alpacas