Shear Report Guide

Overview: The AOA shear report and fleece data entry process is provided to help AOA members prepare for, collect, and report fleece data for inclusion in the EPD program. Additionally, the process provides easily printed order forms with all the information required to order your fiber testing. This process can be used for any alpaca in any AOA account that you have, in addition to any alpacas that have been set up in your contracted and boarded alpaca lists.

Shear Report Guide (pdf)

Step 1

 Prepare for Shearing

Overview: This step should be completed prior to shearing in order to print off a list of your alpacas. This list will be used to track the necessary information during the shearing process and to complete Step 2.

  1. Login and select "Shear Report Tool" from the Dashboard.
  2. Select the alpacas that you wish to include in your shear report from the window on the left and then click “add.” If you wish to print the shear report for you entire account, check the box “Select All” and then click “add.”
  3. Once the desired alpacas have been copied from the left window to the right window, click “print shear list” under the right window. This will generate a PDF that you can print and use to track your fleece information as you shear each alpaca. You may also save this PDF for future use.
    NOTE: The shear report will include any microchip, tattoo, or ear tag information that is stored in the AOA database in order to help you identify alpacas while shearing. Additionally, if there is a previous shear date stored in the database, it will be included as well. If this date is not filled in, you can enter it manually along with the current shear date, sample date, and fleece weight.
    NOTE: Read the reminder pop-up window and click “ok.”
  4. Fill in the required data on the printed shear report as you complete the shearing of each alpaca.
    NOTE: Weigh each animal before and after shearing to accurately report the total weight of shorn fleece.

Step 2 

Enter Data and Generate  Fiber Testing Order Forms

Overview: This step needs to be completed after shearing. Fleece data is entered into the AOA system and a PDF is generated with the fleece testing order forms that are to be printed and included with the fleece samples.

  1. Log in and select "Shear Report Tool" from the Dashboard.
  2. By default, your selected list of alpacas (on the right) will already include the alpacas you chose in Step 1. If you would like to include additional alpacas or remove alpacas you can do so at this time.
  3. Once all alpacas you wish to report data on is listed in the right window, click “enter fleece data” under the right window.
  4. Enter Account of Residence, Last Shear Date (if known, or applicable), Shear Date, Sample Date, and Fleece Weight for each alpaca. Click “download fleece testing order forms” to generate a PDF of the fleece testing order forms. This PDF will contain a one-page order form for each alpaca. Print these forms to include with the fiber samples.
  5. Submit a mid-side 2” x 2” square fiber sample retained in the staple configuration in a sealed quart-sized freezer bag. Place the printed order form into the freezer bag.

Step 3 

Mail Bagged Samples and Order Forms

AOA-approved fiber testing lab.