EPD Tools

All EPD Tools can be found on your Dashboard after logging in.

Alpaca Rank Tool

This tool will allow you to compare each of your alpacas with the national herd. You will see a scatter diagram that plots each of your alpacas with EPDs. You can hold the mouse over a particular dot to see what alpaca that is. You will see where the national average, maximum, and minimum are in comparison to your alpacas. The alpaca rank tool is meant to give you a guide as to where a particular alpaca ranks in relation to the national herd. It will also help you determine if you have any major outliers.

EPD Report

After each EPD calculation, download a spreadsheet with your alpaca's EPDs.

Mate Selector

This tool is meant to provide you with a simple list of alpacas for a particular set of weighted traits from best to worse. This will help you choose a mate for an alpaca that will come closest to achieving the desired outcome for the traits you have selected with the weights you have given. We recommend focusing on one to three traits at a time and weight all others at zero in order to have the best effect. The mate selector tool will only list alpacas that have public EPDs.

Shear Report Tool

An online tool used to collect necessary data for the EPD calculation and to help you prepare your fleece samples for submission to an authorized testing lab.