SGS Fiber Testing Lab

SGS is an approved fiber testing lab for the AOA Expected Progeny Differences (EPD) program. Information on the SGS lab and directions for submitting samples for fleece testing are below.

Step 1 — Prepare Your Samples

First, use AOA's Online Shear Report Tool to report your data and prepare your samples. If you are unfamiliar with the Shear Report Tool, read the article Shear Report Guide for directions.

After your data is reported and your samples prepared, follow the steps below to order your fiber testing.

Step 2 — Order Your Testing

Order and pay for testing on SGS's website.

Chose Yocom-McColl Alpaca Breeders – EPD Package (Includes Length) in the drop-down menu. Select the number of fiber samples you are sending in for testing and then click "Add To Cart."

For help with the SGS's website download their ordering instructions (pdf).

For help with packing your samples download their Preparation and Packaging of Samples for Shipment to SGS (pdf).

After submitting payment successfully, you will receive an email with your order reference along with shipping instructions and a customs form. Please add as a trusted domain in your email client. If you did not receive your order receipt and shipping instructions, try searching your spam folder.

Email the spreadsheet that was generated by AOA's shear report tool to SGS. You do not need to complete the Excel spreadsheet that SGS sends in the confirmation email if you have used AOA's shear report tool.

Step 3 — Ship your Samples

You can ship your samples for testing two ways, either send them to SGS or the AOA office.

Shipping Instructions to SGS

  • Follow SGS's shipping instructions that were sent with your order reference.
  • Value your package at $1, not the cost of testing. Otherwise, your samples are taxed as product.
  • Track your package!

Shipping Instructions to AOA

AOA will collect samples at the office and ship them to SGS. Shipping will occur every time we have a full box. This service is being offered to keep shipping costs down for our members when possible.

  • Shipping has gone up again. The cost to ship will be approximately $1.00 per sample..
  • An additional $3.00 per sample will be charged for all samples that don't meet the packaging requirements. Samples can also be returned at member expense.
  • Track your package!

Contact the office with any questions.


For questions or help regarding the SGS website contact SGS at