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AlpacaGram 7.66September 10, 2020

Members Helping Members

Natural disasters are unfortunately taking place around the country that are impacting AOA members including hurricanes, wildfires, and tornadoes.

If you or your family are affected, fill out the AOA Members Helping Members Form so we can get the word out. Do you need a place to board animals, trailers to evacuate your animals, need a place to stay, supplies, etc? We want to share your needs with the alpaca community to help you.

If you are able to help members who are in need, you, too, can fill out the AOA Members Helping Members Form. Please provide the details of the assistance you can provide: board animals, transport animals, supplies, etc. We will attempt to connect those in need with those able to help.

Below are some pointers from members in the trenches now:

  • Register all your alpacas and keep the AOA database updated with the animals current microchip or ear tag IDs. This allows AOA to direct finders to the alpaca owners right away.
  • If your animal has no chip, leave identifiers on them, something around their neck or even spray paint. Some animals have had to be set loose and there has to be a quick and easy way to tell where they belong when found or if they get mixed up in possible chaos.
  • Alpaca owners should have a care form with the alpacas they evacuate as people at the evacuation centers may know nothing about alpacas.
  • Post forms around the farm in case you need to evacuate and leave your animals. Law enforcement will be sent to feed the animals and need to know how many animals in each barn, what kind, and how to feed, etc.
  • It is important to evacuate before it is dire, once an evacuation order is given, nobody will be permitted to come help.
  • Have a plan no matter how remote the idea of a disaster seems. Have a 5 minute plan, 1/2 hour plan, and 2 hour plan.
  • Check with local affiliates to see if they have an emergency plan and a list of people who can help transport or keep alpacas.
  • Utilize social media, it is the quickest way to reach out and let other locals know you need help or can help.

Additional resources and information on disaster preparedness:

We have members wanting to help however possible, so please let us know what may be needed.

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