Be a Content Contributor to Alpaca Academy

Alpaca Academy is managed by Alpaca Owners Association, Inc. (AOA) and is a collection of information and research covering all aspects of the alpaca industry. Some articles will simply be perspectives of those in the alpaca industry, while other information may be written about a particular topic by a subject matter expert. We are always interested in perspectives on topics related to the alpaca industry and are certainly interested in articles written by subject matter experts.

Because Alpaca Academy is meant to promote the alpaca industry as a whole and be a central clearinghouse for alpaca education, it is our intention that it remains a free resource. As a result, all content contributions made by individuals to Alpaca Academy are made with the understanding that no compensation will be issued for the posting of the contribution. Credit will be given to the individual(s) who wrote or compiled the article, but cannot be listed as any farm, ranch, corporation, or other business entity.

If you have information that you would like to submit for consideration to Alpaca Academy, please contact AOA with your idea and or article.