Educational Videos

Camelid Distance Education Program Video Series

The Camelid Distance Education Program in co-operation with the Mid-America Alpaca Foundation Camelid Education Fund have provided these educational videos for camelid owners.

Alpaca Pre-Exam Checklist for your Veterinarian

Created by: Meredyth Jones DVM, MS
Kansas State University, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

  • You are welcome to reprint this checklist at no charge, however, no part of the document can be changed or removed.

Basic Camelid Handling, Management, and Monitoring

Handling, Restraint, and Field Anesthesia of Camel

Heat Stress in Camelids

Neonatal Care of Camelids

Parasite Control Strategies and Herd Health Programs for Llamas and Alpacas

ICI Educational Video Series

Alpaca Owners Association, Inc. (AOA) and the International Camelid Institute (ICI) have partnered together to produce an educational video series for alpaca and llama owners and breeders.

Approach, Halter, and Lead Your Camelids With Ease

Assessing Your Camelid Before You Call Your Veterinarian

Body Condition Scoring for Camelids

Giving Injections to Alpacas and Llamas

Obtaining a Blood Sample and Preparing the DNA Blood Card

Passing a Stomach Tube In Camelids

Proper Halter Fit for Camelids

Removing Fighting Teeth in Alpacas and Camelids

Shearing for the Health of Your Animals