Genetics (EPD and COI) Videos

Videos created by Dr. Mark Enns from the Department of Animal Sciences at Colorado State University. Dr Enns calculates the EPDs and accuracies for the annual AOA analysis and is committed to educating breeders about the proper use of this technology.

Genetic Improvement in Alpaca: Data Collection and Interpretation of EPD

Video Length 1:26:31

EPD 101: How to Interpret Expected Progeny Differences (EPD)

Video Length 7:58

EPD 101: Accuracy

Video Length 9:00

What does a Zero EPD Mean?

Video Length 5:07

Understanding the Inbreeding Coefficient by Dr. Mark Enns, Part 1

Video Length 15:09

Understanding the Inbreeding Coefficient Practical Application by Dr. Mark Enns, Part 2

Video Length 5:34