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Bud Synhorst| February 7, 2018

The 2018 show season begins this weekend and it will be a wonderful spring to see a show while learning about alpacas and alpaca products.

Many members have been discussing the ELD mandate on social media and contacting our office for updates. We are working with FMCSA and DOT to get more solid information and will be sharing with our members in the coming days. Meanwhile, some members have been sharing their experiences of working through the process and we will be sharing their experiences. Today's guest blog comes from Jennifer Hack with Triple H Ranch in Colorado.

Stay tuned for more updates and member experiences.

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Renewing your Alpaca Owners Association membership is very important for the industry. As a member you can be guaranteed AOA is working for you, promoting the alpaca industry on a national level, providing education to members on a multitude of topics, managing the largest alpaca pedigree registry and continually working to improve and enhance scientific testing for alpacas.

Bud Synhorst| December 5, 2017

Reflections on the first year with AOA.

Recognizing members, recalling the past year, and looking ahead to the coming weeks.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we concluded the first ever AOA National Fleece Conference. It was a truly amazing event with spectacular speakers. However, I wanted to discuss just one part of the conference; the National Fleece Show. The fleece show contained nearly 550 entries, which was truly awesome! The room was packed full and the three judges (Diana Timmerman, Sharon Loner, and Wini Labrecque) had their work cut out for them.