Membership Monday with Lost Mountain Alpaca Ranch
Membership Monday with Lost Mountain Alpaca Ranch

Over the past decade, David and Tina Ellsworth, owners of Lost Mountain Alpaca Ranch, often encountered alpacas during family trips. Drawn by the animals' goofy charm and calm, inquisitive personalities, the Ellsworths found themselves increasingly captivated. In 2022, they decided to transform their occasional encounters into a full-time passion by starting a herd of four Huacaya alpacas. The presence of these gentle creatures brought the Ellsworths relaxation and happiness, a joy they felt compelled to share with their local community.

At Lost Mountain Alpaca Ranch, the Ellsworths are focused on sustainability, agritourism, community education, breeding to expand their herd, and evolving their farm store. Currently, they own nine huacaya alpacas, along with babydoll and harlequin sheep. Early retirement from their healthcare careers allowed them to pursue a new vision of wellness, one that alpacas perfectly embodied.

"Our focus has always been on general health and wellness, and our herd provides a simple blueprint of what overall wellness can look like, even for humans. From their simple vegetarian-based diet to alternating periods of rest and play, they always seem to find balance and never get too high or too low. Our guests pick up on this sense of tranquility and peace as soon as they join us for a tour or event with the alpacas."

To ensure that guests are fully immersed in the world of alpacas, most tours, events, and classes at Lost Mountain Alpaca Ranch are private or kept small. This allows everyone to relax, observe, learn, and interact with the alpacas in a calm and stress-free setting. The Ellsworths host a wide variety of groups, including nursing homes, assisted living centers, memory care homes, homeschool programs, support groups, and special needs centers. Witnessing the immediate, positive impact alpacas can have on people's well-being has been life-changing to them.

Alpacas provide countless incredible memories daily, but one of the most unforgettable moments was the birth of their first cria. Luna, a true black alpaca, arrived three weeks early and was discovered under the barn pavilion at sunrise on October 31. This surprise delighted the Ellsworths, as Luna was not only unexpectedly early but also true black and born on Halloween!

Having an AOA Membership has been invaluable in Lost Mountain Alpaca Ranch's journey into the world of raising alpacas. It has provided a safety net for research, learning, and connecting with others around the country. For new alpaca owners, the Ellsworths recommend immersing yourself in the alpaca community. This kind, caring, and knowledgeable group is always willing to share information to enhance the experience for both alpacas and ranchers. The Ellsworths have learned a tremendous amount simply by observing, learning, and asking questions of those who have been raising alpacas long before they began their journey.

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