Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Let your voice be heard!

Hard to believe it is already time for the 2019 AOA Election. Every year it seems like the time goes by faster and faster between elections.

I hope you will participate in the election this year. The past two years, roughly 30% of the membership has voted in these elections. Our goal is always to have as high of participation as possible. A few years ago, the membership asked AOA to switch to online voting to make it easier for our members. You asked, we delivered. Now it is your turn to deliver by taking a few minutes to log in and vote this year.

Coming from my past life, I always want people to participate in elections. I am often reminded of the saying in politics, “decisions are made by those who show up.” Your participation in the election is important because you are choosing the leadership for your National Association. These are the people who will represent you for the next three years as we move forward implementing our strategic plan.

I applaud those who are willing to put their name out there for the membership to vote on to serve. These are your friends, neighbors, mentors, and clients. I hope you will take a moment when you receive the email and vote.

I look forward to record turnout for this election and want to thank all of the candidates who are running for the Board in 2019.

Bud Synhorst