Logo Tips for Your Alpaca Business

Thinking of creating or refreshing a logo for your alpaca business? Here are some tips to help you develop a cohesive and versatile design.

Vector Graphics

There are two main types of images: vector and raster. Vectors (such as .eps or .svg) are shapes that can be infinitely scaled to any size without losing quality, whereas raster images (like .jpgs) are made up of pixels and lose quality when enlarged. It is important that your logo is designed in a vector-based computer program, such as Adobe Illustrator. This will ensure that your logo can easily be applied to a wide variety of mediums including websites, signage, apparel, and more. Additionally, the vector format makes it easier to edit elements of the logo if needed.

Less is More

When it comes to logo design, often less is more. This is especially true when thinking about colors and fonts. When I design a logo, I aim for 1-4 colors and usually not more. A limited color palette makes the design more cohesive and legible for the viewer. When I’m lacking inspiration, I search for color palettes online to find colors that look good together. It is also helpful to have alternate color versions of your logo in case your logo does not work well on certain backgrounds; for example, if your logo is made up of dark colors, you may need an all-white version to use on dark backgrounds.

For text, it is best to use only one or two fonts. An ideal font for a logo design is one that is simple and easy to read, and one that demonstrates professionalism. This does not mean that your logo cannot be fun, however some stylized fonts may make your logo look less polished. 

I have provided examples below of a more successful logo design versus a less successful design.

When in Doubt, Ask for Help

Maybe you are having trouble thinking of a novel design or you have never used a vector-based design software. In these cases, I would recommend consulting a professional graphic designer for help. Not only do designers know the ins and outs of graphics programs, but they are also knowledgeable about color schemes, font usage, design trends, and more. Graphic designers may charge anywhere from under $100, to several hundred dollars; it is up to you to decide how much you would like to invest in your brand. For those on a tight budget, utilizing the help of a student graphic designer may be a good option.

Oftentimes a logo is the first chance to make a good impression on a customer. It is important to have a logo that will represent your brand and your business well. I hope these tips will help you develop a logo that you are proud to share with the world.

Logo example
Good Logo

Logo example
Bad Logo