Breeder ID vs. Farm Name
Breeder ID vs. Farm Name

Lately we have heard a lot of talk about Farm Names and Breeder IDs in regard to naming alpacas. Sounds important, but what is the difference? Do I need to do anything? Read on to find out the purpose of a Breeder ID and a Farm Name.

What is a Breeder ID?

A Breeder ID is an identifier or tag that you can use in an AOA registered alpaca’s name to indicate it is a product of your farm or breeding program. The Breeder ID is added during the registration process to the very beginning or the very end of an alpaca’s name. Due to common word usage, first-come-first-serve rules, and a 17-character restriction, we typically recommend using some abbreviation or acronym as the identifier. For example, if my farm name is “Super Duper Fancy Alpacas,” I can’t use the full name as an identifier because it exceeds the 17-character rule. Also, it’s so long, it doesn’t leave room for the alpaca’s name! “Super” and “Alpacas” are too commonly used to be standalone words at the beginning or end of the alpaca’s name. I need to come up with some variations, which I can submit for AOA approval. AOA will consider them in order given and approve, if possible, the first one that doesn’t break the rules and is not already taken.

In this example, my three choices I submit are:

1)  SDFA
2)  SUPER Duper
3)  SD Fancy

AOA would approve SDFA, assuming it isn’t already purchased by someone else. This means I can start naming my alpacas with my Breeder ID when I register them! AOA allows several variations for usage. Some examples are:


Breeder Identifiers are completely voluntary and not required. There is a one-time fee that makes the Breeder Identifier exclusively yours for as long as you have alpacas. You do not need a Breeder ID to register your alpacas, but you do want to reserve one if you want to use the Breeder ID for your program.

What is a Farm Name?

Your farm name…is your farm name. It has nothing to do with the Breeder ID you use in the alpaca’s name. We ask for and track your farm name for Member Information which includes farm listings in the Alpaca Owners Guide and on the Farm & Ranch Locator, but your Breeder ID does not affect your Farm Name, and your Farm Name does not affect your Breeder ID.

While the Breeder ID is purchased for exclusivity, the Farm Name is simply tracked and is not exclusive. This means there may be more than one farm named “Super Duper Fancy Alpacas,” but my Breeder ID “SDFA” is exclusive to me once it has been purchased.

These are fairly straightforward services, but we understand that there can be confusion. AOA is here to help! Please contact us with any questions you may have about Breeder IDs or to reserve yours today!