Lydia Piper

Lydia PiperLydia earned a BS in Animal Science from Cornell University and a Master of Arts in Teaching from SUNY Cortland. Her first job out of college was working with youth at risk on a farm in Vermont. She was in charge of a group of students and a flock of sheep. It was then, in 1989, that she learned how to hand spin and she considers her spinning wheel the first piece of furniture that she ever bought. From there it snow balled with her first fiber animal purchase of an English Angora Rabbit and building even more rapidly after she and her husband John purchased their farm in Halifax, Pennsylvania. They owned horses and cattle and then purchased a couple of sheep. In 2001, they built a building to house their growing fiber business, had their third child, daughter Megan, and purchased a Belfast Mini Mill set up. The cattle left and the sheep numbers grew hitting 100 head some years. John and Lydia have been doing custom fiber processing full time for the past 17 years on three different sets and makes of equipment. They process wool, and blends with mohair, alpaca, llama, angora, dog hair, buffalo, silk, linen, bamboo…making literally tons of yarns, rovings, core spun, felt, and knitted hats.

Saturday • July 14 • Keynote Address

Infusing Fiber to Maximize your Harvest

Memphis/Chattanooga Room
12:45 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.

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