Wini Labrecque

Wini LabrecqueWini Labrecque has been involved in the fiber industry since the late 1980s. With a focus on natural fibers, she has developed an extensive background in utilization and promotion of all types of fibers for practical and commercial use. Wini is a weaver, hand spinner, felter, knitter, crocheter, and dyer.

She is an AOA Certified Alpaca Fleece judge, Certified Camelid Fiber Grader/Sorter/Classer through Olds College in Canada, Trained Grader/Sorter of cashmere. Wini is currently involved in the SUNY/Cobleskill Certificate Training Program in Sorting, Grading and Classing of Fiber as administrator and trainer. In addition, she has been working with June Cashmere to help develop better cashmere production, collection and marketing with nomad people of Kyrgyzstan. Working IYAK (Int’l Yak Association) she has been instrumental in developing criteria and judging protocol for yak fiber into woven fabric for home décor use.

A retired Veterinary Assistant, Wini and her husband John have raised alpacas, cashmere producing goats, angora goats, sheep, and angora rabbits over the years. Wini’s background gives her the unique opportunity to share her knowledge with others to help enhance their own livestock programs.

From Angroa to Yak and Fibers In Between

Friday • July 19 • Seminar

Memphis Room
8:00 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

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