Winter Advertising Special for Alpacas Magazine

Buy 3 ads, get One Free!

Plan your advertising at the beginning of the year, buy three ads and get one free! Pay upfront for the biggest discount, or take advantage of the quarterly payment option for a small fee. We will notify you when your ads are due and bill your account if you chose the quarterly payment option. Benefactors receive even more advertising discounts.

Available December through January.

Premium Placement Advertising Available

If you are interested in premium positions, upgrade a full-page ad for only $500. Premium advertising placement will be limited to two preferred placements per calendar year. A “stand-by” list for each premium position will be maintained by the Advertising Manager. If a premium space goes unclaimed by the deadline, stand-by advertiser(s) will be contacted. Stand-by advertising is not counted against the two-ad limit mentioned above.

  • Inside Front Cover
  • Page Facing Inside Front Cover
  • Back Cover
  • Inside Back Cover
  • Page Facing Inside Back Cover

Other advertising options are available, contact the Advertising Manager for a quote and to reserve your space.

Ad SizePrice per AdFull PaymentQuarterly PaymentsSilver Benefactor Full PaymentGold Benefactor Full PaymentPlatinum Benefactor Full Payment
Business Card$50$150    
2 Page Ad$2,000$6,000$1,525.00$5,100.00$4,800.00$4,200.00
Full Page$1,100$3,300$850.00$2,805.00$2,640.00$2,310.00
1/2 Page$550$1,650$437.50$1,402.50$1,320.00$1,155.00
1/3 Page$400$1,200$325.00$1,020.00$960.00$840.00
1/4 Page$275$825$231.25$701.25$660.00$577.50
1/6 Page$200$600$175.00$510.00$480.00$420.00