Marketing Opportunities with AOA

Alpaca Owners Association, Inc. (AOA) offers businesses and members a variety of marketing opportunities. Marketing and Benefactor packages are also available for Association Members.

Marketing Opportunities Available to the Public

Alpacas Magazine Advertising

Alpacas Magazine offers a variety of advertising opportunities to fit any budget. More than 8,000 printed magazines are distributed to members and new leads per year. Additionally, every issue of the magazine is accessible online by thousands of Registry and Association Members. Every new lead collected through AOA national marketing efforts receives a recent copy of Alpacas Magazine, getting business exposure to those looking to join the alpaca industry. For information on Alpacas Magazine advertising opportunities, visit the Alpacas Magazine page.

National Alpaca Farms Days

Every year in September, alpaca farms and ranches around the country participate in National Alpaca Farm Days. The goal of this two-day event is to raise awareness about alpacas and alpaca products, promote your farm, sell alpaca products, and build relationships with future potential clients. AOA not only provides marketing tools for you, but also centers a national marketing campaign around the event and works to get people to your farms. Watch for details on how to participate in this awesome annual event beginning in the summer.

AOA Certified Alpaca Shows Around the Country

AOA certified alpaca halter and fleece shows are held around the country throughout the year. These shows are an opportunity for you to gain valuable exposure to alpaca owners and the public in attendance. Like alpaca registration, scientific research, and national marketing, alpaca shows are vital to the success of the industry and we encourage you to support your local shows! Visit the show search page to find an upcoming show.

Sponsorship of National Alpaca Show

Every year the National Alpaca Show brings in 600–800 engaged AOA Members along with members of the public from the local area. Not only does sponsorship gain you added benefits at the show, it also helps support AOA as we work to put on a successful show. Not interested in being a full sponsor, but want to gain some visibility? There are opportunities to purchase advertising in our show program. Visit the sponsorship section of the National Show site for details.

Vendor Booth at National Alpaca Show

Have a business that's targeted to alpaca owners or the hundreds of people from the public that attend the AOA National Show? A vendor booth is the perfect way to reach them. Visit the vendor section of the National Show site for details.

Sponsorship of the AOA Natural Fiber Extravaganza

Interested more in the fleece aspect of the industry? Sponsoring the AOA Natural Fiber Extravaganza is an opportunity to show your support while gaining valuable visibility for your farm, ranch, or business. Not interested in being a full sponsor, but want to gain some visibility? There are opportunities to purchase advertising in our show book.

Vendor Booth at the AOA Natural Fiber Extravaganza

The Natural Fiber Extravaganza brings in people from across the country to attend this unique three day educational event featuring the AOA National Fleece Show, educational seminars, hands-on workshops, and a marketplace with a wide variety of products. Association members receive a discount on their booth fees.

Marketing Opportunities Available to Registry and Association Members Only

Alpaca Owners Guide Advertising

The Alpaca Owners Guide (AOG) is printed once a year and is the go-to resource for information on raising alpacas. A copy of the AOG is mailed out to every new lead collected through AOA national marketing efforts. It is a wonderful opportunity to advertise directly to those outside the industry looking to get in.

Online Member Directory

Be sure to have the correct contact information listed on your member profile and answer yes to the privacy questions to have your farm, ranch, or business located in the online member directory. This is a great tool that allows paid members to search for any Registry or Association Member and also export a directory in pdf format to access off-line. Get that information up-to-date! You never know when the next call might be a sale!

Marketing Opportunities Available to Association Members

Farm & Ranch Locator

The Farm & Ranch Locator is exactly what its name infers. It is an online search tool available to all public and members on the front page of our website that enables them to search for a farm, ranch, or business in a particular area. You don't want to miss out on this one! Be sure to fill in your information so that you are listed online for people in your area to find you! In addition, all Benefactor Packages get their logo displayed linking to their website.

List Alpacas For Sale or Stud

Available to all Association Members, listing your alpacas for sale or stud through our online Alpaca Catalog gains you the benefit of the AOA website. Listed alpacas get randomly featured on the front page of our website with a link to view the entire catalog! This gives you the opportunity for your alpacas to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people per year. Become a Registry or Association Member today to begin taking advantage of this huge opportunity.


All Association Members have the opportunity to purchase leads from AOA and the Marketing & Benefactor Packages offer big discounts on this service which is already very reasonably priced. Leads are essentially contacts with people who are outside the alpaca community but are interested in getting in. They are an opportunity for you to get directly in touch with people who have already said "Tell me more!" and are a great way to promote your alpacas and alpaca products. You have the option of purchasing all leads or narrowing your search to a particular area.

Member eBlasts

Ever need a quick way to get the word out about a sale you are having or an event you are hosting? Association Members have the opportunity to pay a small fee to send an eBlast to our members on your behalf. This is a huge opportunity for a farm, ranch, vendor, or affiliate to get the word out to AOA members. You have the option to send to all members who have opted to receive such messages or narrow your list to a more targeted group.

Business Profiles

A Business Profile is an advertisement in the form of a story. Profiles are displayed in a prime location on AOA's home page and randomly load for visitors to the site. Your profile enables you to share information about your business along with photos while providing a direct link to your website, which helps your website's SEO. This option is available with Advanced Marketing and Benefactor Packages.

Recognition on AOA eBlasts

Those members with Benefactor Packages get access to an opportunity not offered anywhere else. Imagine having your alpaca business featured at the bottom of one of AOA's AlpacaGrams. We send approximately 100 AlpacaGrams per year providing important organizational information to more than 6,000 members each time.