EZid, LLC Livestock Identification

3185 Hamner Ave
Norco , CA 92860
United States

EZid, Livestock Division Avid ID Systems, provides dependable U.S. made microchips and Avid readers.

  • Popular microchip SUDS with printed labels (Single Use Disposable Syringe).
  • Easy to use — Dependable — Fast — U.S. made.
  • USDA 840 microchips as well as Avid, ISO and FECAVA codes.
  • Livestock discounted competitive prices.
  • Avid MiniTracker livestock readers standard and blue tooth enabled.
  • Proven reliability. You can expect a Fast, Accurate read Every time!
  • 1 year warranty (not 90 day) and repair department for those unexpected accidents.

Customer service is our priority as well as top performing products. You even get to talk with a live customer service person when you call 877-330-3943.

We look forward to the opportunity to continue to support the alpaca industry.

EZid, LLC, Livestock Identification for USDA, Avid and standard code microchips for alpaca permanent identification. You will want to include the poplar Avid Minitracker Pro Euro livestock handheld reader/scanner for easy scanning the implanted microchip numbers after application. This top performing Avid livestock reader has been discounted for alpaca owners. The reader is available as standard and Blue Tooth enabled version.

For questions and marketing opportunities email Elsie McCoy at Elsie@EZidAvid.com; and to order, please call Sales at 877-330-3943 or 970-351-7701. Have a successful and safe year!