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AlpacaGram 4.63
AlpacaGram 4.63September 6, 2017

Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you doing well!  Many things are going on around the country impacting our members — Hurricane Harvey recovery in the Gulf Coast; Hurricane Irma headed toward Florida; and wildfires in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and more. Each of these disasters is impacting AOA members.

If you or your family are impacted, please contact to let us know what you need so we can get the word out — do you need a place to board animals, do you need trailers to evacuate your animals, do you need a place to stay, do you need some supplies, etc. We want to share your needs with the alpaca community to help you.

Also, email us at if you are able to aid members who have been impacted. Please provide the details of the assistance you can provide — board animals, transport animals, supplies, etc. We will attempt to connect those in need with those able to help.

Here are links to additional resources for disaster preparedness:

We have members wanting to help however possible, so please let us know what may be needed.

Stay safe,

Bud Synhorst
Executive Director

Kendall Creek Farms Alpacas

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