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AlpacaGram 4.64September 15, 2017

Use National Alpaca Farm Day
to Steer Visitors to Your Farm!

As the public begins its search to find a farm to visit on September 23rd and 24th during National Alpaca Farm Days (NAFD)…will they find yours? 

For the past ten years, on the last weekend in September, alpaca farms across North America have opened their gates to the public. For the low cost of NAFD registration ($25 for paid members, $35 for others, and free to those with Advanced Marketing and Benefactor packages), you gain access to resources to help you promote your NAFD event, and you are placed on the searchable NAFD map. 

The most valuable resource provided with your NAFD registration is guidance from Cindy Berman Morrow, AOA’s public relations expert. Cindy can offer personalized public relations advice for your area if you are registered for NAFD; you just have to call her at 216-952-7510! She already is hard at work promoting NAFD to national and large regional media outlets and will continue to do so throughout the NAFD weekend. 

Some of the other resources available are customizable posters and post cards, banners, yard signs, alpaca fun facts, name tags, a step-by-step guide for the media, and the searchable farm locator map. Last year, the NAFD map, which lists all participating farms, received more than 11,000 unique page views in September! People already are using the NAFD site to locate farms to visit, and yours could be one of them. Also, all media inquiries through the office or Cindy are directed to the NAFD map to find an event in their area.

Use the tools available to you and increase visitors and visibility! Register for National Alpaca Farm Days today at and make sure your farm isn’t left out on September 23rd and 24th!

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