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AlpacaGram 4.75
AlpacaGram 4.75December 1, 2017

Membership Renewal Opens Today!

Membership Renewal is now open for the 2018 calendar year. We thank you for supporting your National Organization in 2017 and ask for your continued support in 2018 by renewing your membership.

Membership dues are very important to the organization and allow us to support the membership and the alpaca industry.

In 2017 your membership dollars:Feel the Difference

  • Brought to life the "Feel the Difference" campaign through USA Today and its partners to bring awareness to alpaca fiber;
  • Supported the industry when it was attacked by a US Senator that resulted in an appearance on CBS This Morning and brought valuable PR to the industry;CBS This Morning
  • Produced an episode on the alpaca industry for American Farmer which will be shown on national TV in 2017, 2018, and beyond;
  • Allowed us to update the website with new features on the EPD display and a bulk herd management tool.

This is just a small sampling of where your money went in 2017.Stacie Chavez

We have already started planning how we can add more value to your membership in 2018 such as:

  • New special offers on advertising in Alpacas Magazine;
  • Plans to use the footage from American Farmer to create 30-second commercials to further promote the industry;
  • A brand new fleece event re-branded as the AOA Natural Fiber Extravaganza geared to alpaca members, all fiber artisans, and the public, offering live demonstrations, workshops, field trips, and classroom education. There will be lots of vendor opportunities and a member marketplace for selling your alpaca produced products.

The complete list of member benefits can be found at Marketing and Benefactor package benefits can be found online at

Renew Online Today!

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