AlpacaGram 5.33 | Shearing Season, Show Season, and AOA EPDs

AlpacaGram 5.33
AlpacaGram 5.33April 12, 2018

Shearing Season, Show Season, and EPDs

With shear time upon us, it is time to consider sending your fleece samples to Yocom-McColl for trait data testing and entering your fleeces into competition.

If you would like to participate in the EPD program and enter your fleeces in the show system, you can do both at the same time!

Things to Consider:

  • A 4" by 4" sample from the mid-side is needed for trait data testing. The sample needs to remain in staple configuration for optimal testing.
  • Removing a 4" by 4" sample will have a minor effect on your total fleece weight.
  • Remember, you can also enter spin-off and cottage fleece competitions.

You must use AOA's online shear report tool to submit your samples to Yocom-McColl to be included in the EPD calculation.

AOA's Online Shear Report Tool
is as EASY as:

  • Downloading and following the step-by-step instructions in the Shear Report Guide
  • Downloading and printing your fleece testing order forms
  • Packaging your fleece samples (4' by 4') along with your signed order forms and shipping to Yocom-McColl before August 3, 2018

Then sit back and relax while Yocom-McColl tests your fleece samples, emails your histograms to you, and submits your trait data to AOA to be included in the next EPD calculation.

This year's deadline to be included in the 2018 EPD calculation is August 3.

Fleeces can be tested year-round at Yocom-McColl, but to have your trait data included in the next calculation Yocom-McColl must receive your samples by August 3, 2018.

All EPD data is confidential unless you choose to mark it public.

Submit your fleece samples today!

Easy. Convenient. Confidential.

If you have never heard of an "EPD" or are unsure how it can positively impact your breeding program, visit the EPD section on Alpaca Academy to learn more about Expected Progeny Differences.

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