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AlpacaGram 6.49June 4, 2019

Five reasons to attend the Natural Fiber Extravaganza

by Jay Reeder, from Alpacas Magazine 2018 Winter Issue

Want to grow your farm business? Jay Reeder gives us five reasons to attend this year's Natural Fiber Extravaganza.

Reason #1

To succeed, you should try to be "around' others who have succeeded.

Reason #2

Education seminars by people with success formulas who are willing to share.

Reason #3

Beyond the seminars, there's an education in visiting vendor booths.

Reason #4

Get away from the farm and spend a few days immersed in your business.

Reason #5

Be involved in advancing the industry while connecting with peers.

hands-on workshops

Download the pdf Five Reasons Why You Need to Attend Next Year's Natural Fiber Extravaganza to read Jay's full article.

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