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Lucy FarrarDear AOA Members,

We are saddened to share that Lucy Farrar passed away on September 17, 2019. Lucy and her husband Charles owned Front Range Alpacas, located in Monument, Colorado. They were some of the first alpaca owners in the U.S.

Lucy was heavily involved in the alpaca industry through her local affiliate, Alpaca Breeders of the Rockies (ABR), and both National Organizations, ARI and AOBA. Lucy donated countless hours to ABR over the years serving on the board and volunteering for shows and committees.

Lucy was instrumental in the development of the AOBA Show System’s rules and training. In 2001, she served on the first task force to develop the training program for certification and re-certification of Judges and Apprentices in the AOBA alpaca judging system. During this time, Lucy served as chair of the AOBA Show Division Committee which developed the initial rules and procedures for the AOBA Show System.

Lucy served on the ARI Board as secretary from 2006 to 2009. Lucy and Charles were one of the first alpaca farms to have a severe BVDV outbreak. They were courageous in fighting the disease and in leading the charge to provide information about the disease to the alpaca industry. Their farm suffered devastating losses, but they persevered and came back stronger, continuing in the industry for many more years.

Lucy's obiturary can be found online at

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