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AlpacaGram 6.93November 27, 2019

Dr. Stephen S. HullDear AOA Members,

We are deeply saddened to share that Steve Hull passed away on November 19, 2019. Steve was the co-owner of TimberLake Farms, located in Arcadia, Oklahoma. Steve raised alpacas and was an industry leader for over 20 years.

Steve was always willing to give his service to the national and local organizations and was awarded the AOA 2018 Shining Star award for his dedication to the industry. Steve volunteered countless hours to the alpaca industry and served on both the AOBA and ARI boards. Steve served through the AOBA and ARI merger, and then continued to serve on the AOA board until 2018. Steve was also very active in his local affiliate.

Steve helped countless people learn how to care for their alpacas and was seen at many shows and regional events educating members. Steve was also active online answering breeder questions. You may have known him as Dr. Dork (as Steve was fond of calling himself).

We will miss Steve's passion for the alpaca industry as well as his friendship. We wish his family feelings of comfort, moments of peace, and memories of joy during this difficult time. As Steve would say, “Onward!”.

Watch Steve Hull accept the 2018 Shining Star Award.

Steve's obiturary can be found online at

Dr. Stephen S. Hull

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