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AlpacaGram 7.05
AlpacaGram 7.05January 22, 2020

Dear AOA Members,

For several years, many of our members and board have advocated for the creation and adoption of breed standards for both the Huacaya and Suri breeds of alpacas by the Alpaca Owners Association (AOA). In July, 2019, at our annual meeting the AOA Board made it a goal to pursue review and adoption of the Huacaya breed standard that was developed by AOA in 2017 and to adopt the Suri breed standard developed by AOA Affiliate Suri Network (SN) and revised in 2016.

We are pleased to announce an agreement in principle with SN to adopt the current Suri breed standard (and its future revisions). Your AOA board has worked over several years with SN to develop an agreement which proved elusive. We have recently developed a plan that is agreeable to both organizations to adopt the existing Suri breed standard and a plan for future revisions. The document describing the revision plan in detail is in development. The principles of how the organizations will deal with Suri breed standard revision have been agreed by both AOA and SN. In the future, a Revision Committee will be made up of equal number of AOA and SN Suri owners who must unanimously put forward a Revised Suri Standard for approval by eligible AOA and SN voting Suri members. AOA will provide support for the voting process.

In order to move forward, we need your input on the AOA Huacaya Breed Standard which was developed in 2017 under AOA board direction. To my knowledge this document has not been shared broadly with AOA members. It was developed by some of the same people involved in developing the Suri breed standard and utilizes the same format. We are confident that Huacaya breeders will find this breed standard to well describe the breed and may have recommendations for further improvement prior to Huacaya owners voting on acceptance of the final document.

The Huacaya breed standard is available for review and comment at Please review the document and use the form to make comments. These comments will be collected and reviewed by the AOA board of directors for consideration and possible incorporation into the Breed Standard. Once Board approved, it will be presented to the AOA Huacaya owners for a vote.

Your input is necessary and important. Thank you for investing the time in moving an AOA Huacaya and Suri breed standard adoption to fruition.


  • Huacaya breed standard open comment period from January to March 31, 2020.
  • Live discussion session at the AOA National Alpaca Show, March 13–15, 2020, in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  • Comment review and document revision—immediately upon open comment closure with publication of final Huacaya breed standard in the AOA annual election materials.
  • Vote on adoption of the Huacaya breed standard and Suri breed standard—included with AOA Annual Elections.


Shauna R Brummet, PhD
Alpaca Owners Association, Inc.

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