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AlpacaGram 7.37April 28, 2020

Show Revitalization Task Force

Your AOA Board has heard from members many concerns, questions, and suggestions regarding the AOA Alpaca Show System and its long-term future. Now is an excellent time to take stock of our show system and work to come back stronger, with greater relevance and value for our exhibitors and customers.

Most of our members agree that a strong, exhibitor- and customer-valued halter and fleece show system is important to the future of the alpaca industry. With this premise we seek to establish a time-limited ad hoc Show Revitalization Task Force of not more than nine people with focused objectives. Those objectives are to identify and describe other types of competitions and exhibitions, reward systems, and ways of promoting alpaca shows to a broad swath of alpaca owners. We are seeking new and energizing ideas for alpaca shows of all kinds, but primarily focused on full fleece competitions.

Members with broad experience in animal exhibition and competition and, more broadly, completely different types of competitions, are encouraged to submit a statement of interest to the AOA office.

Please include your name, contact information, length of time in the industry, your main focus (seed stock, fiber, product development/manufacture/wholesale/retail sales, agritourism, other), and, most importantly, the experience you bring that is relevant and valuable to this Show Revitalization effort. Please submit your statement of interest by May 15, 2020. The Task Force will be constituted within two weeks and asked to bring back their output to the Board by July 15, 2020.

Recommendations by the ad hoc task force will be sent to the Board and show and judges committees to determine viability and implementation.

Thank you for your consideration to serve.

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