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AlpacaGram 7.39May 5, 2020

AOA National Fleece Competitions on Track and Available for Entry!

As each state begins to develop their timeline for reopening their states for business, we, too, have been developing our plan for the Natural Fiber Extravaganza and accompanying fleece shows.

The AOA Board of Directors has decided that it is in the best interest of our members and volunteers to not open the Extravaganza for educational sessions, workshops, vendors, and the public. However, they have decided to move forward with the AOA National Fleece Show and Photo Contest.

Great Opportunities for Fleece Feedback

AOA is offering multiple options for fleece competitions at the national level for 2020! Along with entering in the regular fleece competition you also have the option of entering in the new Innovative Fleece Assessment Show. The Innovative Fleece Assessment (IFA) is a new type of fleece show that focuses on the genetic potential and processing end-use for each entry. The most important part of this approach is that fleeces are sorted by grade and feedback includes a summary of the uses for which that fleece is best suited. There will be a limited number of spots available for the IFA show as a majority of the national show will be judging in the current fleece competition style

Competitions that are available for entry are regular fleece, IFA fleece, spin-off, cottage fleece, fiber arts, and hand- and mill-spun skein categories. Entry for the IFA Show is a separate portal (limit 3 per farm) on Find which competition you want to participate in and get the ball rolling to hold your spots! Shipping will occur in June but please ship as early in June as possible to make sure your entry arrives in plenty of time!

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