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AlpacaGram 7.52July 8, 2020

Dear AOA Members,

Last weekend, AOA Director Steve Aitchison submitted his resignation to the Board of Directors. On behalf of the board I would like to thank Steve for his service to AOA and the alpaca industry. He has been a valued board member and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

Steve's board term runs through 2021. The AOA Bylaws require that if a vacancy occurs and the runner-up in the last election of directors received votes from 40% or more of the total number of votes, the runner up would be appointed. However, because no candidate in our recent election received at least 40% of the vote, the board of directors must select a replacement to fulfill the remainder of the term.

Last night, the AOA Board of Directors met and discussed several qualified members and is pleased to announce that Patty Hasselbring will serve out the final year of Steve Aitchison’s term.

Patty just completed her three year term on the board and we are happy to keep her for one more year. Welcome back Patty.


Shauna Brummet
AOA President

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