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AlpacaGram 11.30
AlpacaGram 11.30May 22, 2024

2023 EPD Producer Report

Dr. Enn's Producer Report is available online for the 2023 Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) genetic evaluation. EPDs set AOA registered alpacas apart from others around the world, providing information that helps AOA members make breeding and buying decisions that support rapid and effective genetic gain!

The 2023 analysis included observations for at least one trait on 46,470 Huacaya and 10,045 Suri animals. This translates to 87,754 huacayas and 18,656 suris for a total of 106,410 alpacas with EPDs.

Note that alpacas with no trait data submitted may still have a calculated EPD. The calculation includes four generations back from an alpaca with submitted data.

Be sure to download and archive your EPD report for 2023 (previous EPD calculations are not archived).

Plan Now for the 2024 Calculation

AOA will collect samples at the office and ship them to SGS. This service is being offered to keep shipping costs down for our members. Shipping will occur every time we have a full box. You can ship your samples directly to SGS at any time during the year, if you prefer. Samples must be at the AOA office by August 5, 2024, to be included in the last shipment of the year to SGS. SGS must receive samples by August 19 to include them in the 2024 EPD calculation.

Packaging Instructions for Fleece Testing

  • Samples must be 2" x 2" and packed in a snack-size zip-lock bag.
  • If you are also requesting color testing, samples must be 4" x 4" and packed in a 5" x 5" zip-lock bag.
  • Each baggie must contain the AOA shear report for that animal. Fold the report so it fits in the baggie and the animal information is visible.
  • Include the order form from SGS with the fiber samples.
  • Shipping has gone up again. The cost to ship will be approximately $1.00 per sample.
  • An additional $3.00 per sample will be charged for all samples that don't meet these requirements. Samples can also be returned at member expense.
  • AOA will collect samples at the AOA National Education and Fiber Conference in Kentucky in July.
  • If you have questions, contact the office before you package and ship your samples!

For more information on EPDs, check out the education on Alpaca Academy or watch the educational videos by Dr. Enns.

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