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AlpacaGram 8.25
AlpacaGram 8.25April 2, 2021

Spring Cleaning Special

on Alpacas 2 and older!

Registering all of your alpacas is not only important to the alpaca industry as a whole, but also for your business. Registered alpacas have more value than their unregistered neighbors!

Through DNA testing, registration validates your alpacas' pedigree and tracks their bloodlines. Registered alpacas can participate in AOA's Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) program and compete in AOA Certified Shows. This science-based registry supports the value of your alpacas!

To help you fill-in your pedigrees, the AOA Board has approved a temporary price reduction for the month of April on the registration fee of alpacas 2-years-old and older. This means in April you can register your older alpacas for the same price as younger alpacas at $55 per registration. This saves you $25 per registration! Note that in order to register your older alpacas both the dam and sire must be registered.

Spring is for Cleaning!

Also, this is a great time to go in and update your herd.

Some things to keep your herd up-to-date include:
  • Entering new microchips in the system for your alpacas,
  • Updating the alpacas' color if it has changed,
  • Marking alpacas Deceased or Sold Without Transfer,
  • Registering your alpacas' offspring, and
  • Completing those transfers you have been putting off!

Alpacas 25 and Older

The board has instituted a new policy with the goal to clean up our database and have a more accurate picture of the current herd. Going forward, any alpaca 25 and older will be marked deceased in our system. If you have alpacas 25 or older that are still alive, just let us know and we won't mark them deceased. It is also easy to reverse if you have one that was accidentally mark deceased, just contact the office.

Thank you in advance for working together to have the most accurate, up-to-date registry in the world!

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