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AlpacaGram 9.54
AlpacaGram 9.54August 17, 2022

Fiber Testing Date Extended and New Shipping Information

Final reminder: August 31, 2022, is the deadline to accept samples at the AOA office.

In response to the challenges members are facing in submitting their samples to SGS in New Zealand for testing, the AOA Board of Directors spent some time discussing this at their recent meeting. Recognizing the problem, they voted to extend the submission deadline to August 31, 2022, and to accept samples at the AOA office.

Now until August 31 you can submit your fiber samples to the AOA office. AOA will then bulk ship all the samples to New Zealand. You can also continue to ship your samples directly to SGS.

The cost for the bulk shipping to New Zealand will be divided by the number of samples received at the office. Your share of the shipping cost will be charged to your AOA account.

Please note that this will delay the EPD results.

The following steps must be completed before sending your samples to the office.

  • Complete AOA's online shear report tool to generate the necessary paperwork and files.
  • Order and pay for your fiber testing on the SGS website.
  • Submit the excel file generated by AOA's shear report tool to SGS.
  • Mail your samples, correctly packaged with the shear report forms to the AOA office. We recommend tracking your package.

If you have questions on the process, contact the office before mailing your samples!

Why is it important I test my fiber samples?

If you want to provide potential buyers or breeders with the information they need to make good decisions for their program, you need EPDs on your animals. Conversely, as we learned at the AOA National Education & Fiber Conference, you shouldn’t buy, or breed to, an animal that you haven’t studied their EPDs first.

Testing your fiber with SGS provides valuable histogram data to you and also to AOA for the EPD calculation. Currently, SGS is the only certified lab that goes through a rigorous, international calibration process twice a year.

The yearly EPD calculation is a benefit of your membership. AOA works with Dr Mark Enns at Colorado State University to provide the EPD calculation. The only cost to AOA members is for their fiber testing at the approved testing lab SGS in New Zealand.

New in 2022

  • Trait data has always been private on the AOA website, but as of today, that has changed! Members will be able to choose to show their trait data along with their EPDs. Take advantage of this important update and submit your samples for testing!
  • SGS is offering phenotypic fleece color and brightness testing for $5. Please note this is not color genotyping.

EPD Resources

Expected Progeny Differences (EPD) and trait data is confidential unless you choose to mark it public on the AOA website.

Submit your fleece samples today!

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