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AlpacaGram 9.60September 23, 2022

Alpaca Owners Everywhere are
Hijacking October. Are you in?

There’s a rogue community of alpaca owners in our midst and they are taking October for their own. October…er…ALPACTOBER has officially become alpaca month! It’s time to move out the ghosts and goblins and move in everything alpaca.

If you want to help alpacas take over the metaverse, then pull out your phone and start taking photos and videos to illustrate a different aspect of alpaca life. We’re giving you daily prompts so you don’t have to ask the question, what do I post?

Here’s what you need to know to take action:

  • Post a photo/video every day as part of our 31-day photo challenge (see schedule below)
  • Wear as many alpaca-made clothing items as possible throughout the month of ALPACTOBER
  • Tell everyone about the unique qualities of alpaca
  • Talk about what alpaca fiber means to you on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok pages
  • Engage with your community on the benefits of alpaca and their fiber

This month is all about flooding the social feeds on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. Let’s spread the word and celebrate everything alpaca. Host farm events, social media contests, alpaca education, and more! Make posts with the hashtag, #Alpacatober, #yourfarmname, #posttheme, and be sure to tag @alpacaowners .

How will you aid in the takeover of Alpactober?

P.S. Thank the Marketing Committee for this month of tricks and treats!

Posting schedule for #Alpactober
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