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AlpacaGram 10.49July 31, 2023

Elden Harms Selected as the
2023 AOA Shining Star

Perhaps there is no greater thank you to a volunteer than to be recognized by one's peers for the generous gift of their time, energy, thought, and skill to benefit others.

Elden Harms, 2023 AOA Shining StarThis year’s recipient, nominated by Deb Hill, has been involved in both his local affiliate and the national organization for nearly 25 years. He has served on several AOA committees and is still serving on the membership committee. He's also been an influential force on the board and committees of his own affiliate, the Great Lakes Alpaca Association, founding the Wisconsin Alpaca & Fiber Fest. He was also deeply involved with the former Alpaca Fiber Cooperative.

He puts his decades of alpaca experience to work daily on behalf of the industry. You can't ask for a better representative of what a Shining Star should be.

Sarah Donohoe added, Elden is a fellow alpaca owner and AOA Membership Committee person who has consistently demonstrated exceptional commitment and enthusiasm in promoting our organization.

The Shining Star Award’s purpose is to recognize the outstanding volunteer efforts or contributions of an AOA member, affiliate, or other entity (a group that has performed as one, consisting of AOA members).

Please join us in congratulating our 2023 AOA Shining Star, Elden Harms.

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