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AOA National Education and Fiber Conference
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Consider Attending These Workshops at NEFC!

July 12–14 • Burlington, Kentucky

We are excited to invite you to get plugged in at our upcoming AOA National Education & Fiber Conference (NEFC), July 12–14, in Burlington, Kentucky. Along with amazing educational seminars, you will get the opportunity to engage directly with industry leaders through immersive workshops and hands-on labs.

NEFC Workshops

Felting a Beautifully Textured Bowl Using Alpaca!

Join Celeste Malvar-Stewart as you explore how to use various fibers — focusing on alpaca and wool — to form and embellish a bowl and sculpt your fiber into a 3D shape. In this workshop for beginners as well as experienced felters you will learn how to wet-felt your own unique bowl!

Hats on a 12-inch Square

Create your own fabulous hand-woven hat with Theresa Jewell! Learn to weave a Stone Mountain Loom, using the continuous stand method to create two perfectly woven squares of alpaca/wool blend.

Coiling, Coiling, Coiled: Corespun Coiling

Judy Dominic will lead a workshop teaching the basketry technique of coiling that has been in use for at least 11,000 years. This technique consists of wrapping a core material and stitching it in place against a previously wrapped/stitched core.

Forest Mushroom Sculpture

Join Shay Hill and create a realistic forest mushroom using fiber. This 3D project is a fun way to bring a piece of nature into your home and teach you the basics of forming sculptures and blending color.

Farm to Fashion Lightweight Nuno Felted Scarf with Indigo Shibori Dyeing Option

In this fun wet felting workshop with Celeste Malvar-Stewart, you will receive instructions on how to design and Nuno Felt a lightweight scarf. Explore various fibers, yarns, and materials for embellishment — focusing on alpaca and wool onto silk gauze — using a wet felting technique. This is a wonderful workshop for beginners as well as experienced felters who would like to explore a bit more! You will also learn the technique of shibori dyeing your scarf using a natural indigo vat lovingly prepared for this workshop. Shibori is a Japanese technique of resist dyeing using binding, sewing, clamping, and wrapping to create beautiful patterns.

Beginning Drop Spindle Spinning

Join Pat Maley and learn the basics of spinning on a drop spindle, the difference between top and bottom whorl drop spindles, how to spin wool and alpaca, and how to use your spindle while you sit, stand, or walk.

Randing in the Round

With a small recycled plastic container for the base and spokes, Judy Dominic will show you how to use core spun alpaca for the weaving, creating an intriguing chase weave pattern up the sides.

Painting a Landscape with Fiber

Learn the basics of needle felting, blending, and dimension with Shay Hill! This simple yet versatile technique will allow you to create amazing pieces of art with few supplies.

Using Natural Dyes

This class with Amber Ostaszewski will show you how to prepare fiber for dyeing and develop three distinct colors from one dye pot using modifiers. It's a little bit of science, a little bit of art, and a whole lot of fun.

Total Immersion Fleece Clinic

Join us for a full day of exploration led by none other than AOA's Senior Judge Instructors, Wade Gease and Diana Timmerman. You'll have the opportunity to experience both suri and huacaya fleece up close and personal as we delve into the fascinating world of fiber structure, function, and assessment. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to expand your knowledge and take your fleece appreciation to the next level.

Basic Sorting and Grading

Offered through The State University of New York, Wini Labrecue will lead a course to begin your journey toward becoming a certified sorter and grader. Participants will assess fiber samples to determine the grade, facilitating a deeper understanding of the process. Various grades will be discussed, along with their respective uses. This informative class educates fleece owners about the quality of their fiber and how to command the appropriate price for sorted and graded fleece, or how to best utilize their now more uniform batches of fiber in end-products.

You must register for basic sorting and grading separately through The State University of New York.

At NEFC, you will be immersed in a wide range of educational sessions and workshops covering topics such as alpaca health, fiber processing, marketing & business management, and pasture management. Consider joining us in Burlington, Kentucky, for an unforgettable weekend of education, networking, and celebration. We look forward to seeing you at NEFC!

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