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Noreen focuses on breeding well-conformed, healthy alpacas that have excellent coverage, fineness, density, and crimp. She believes in keeping the animals health and breeding capability a first priority. Breeding for current trends dictating color and appearance are a far second, while breeding for uniform and fine fleeces with lots of crimp and character a first in fleece grown on the alpaca.

Additionally, Noreen believes that an alpaca that is familiar with human touch is an alpaca un-afraid when the alpacas need to be worked with or assistance with a health related issue. Therefore, each alpaca born on her farm, from birth, are handled to encourage the socialization with humans. She has found this effort facilitates ease of management and the necessary care provided to these animals. Her alpacas seem to enjoy the interaction and human contact with a scratch behind the ears or a gentle hug. Both of which has shown to be an enjoyable experience for both alpaca and human. Each one of her alpacas knows their name and occasionally come when called. Alpacas have shown that they have emotions and some of those are surprising. They respond to praise, verbal discipline, smile, cry, pout and grieve a loss in the herd. If you've yet to witness such an event, we invite you to set up and appointment to come out and meet our alpacas. We are confident that you'll witness these events first hand.

Arizona Alpacas — Established 1993

Noreen Vaughan
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Paulden, AZ

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Arizona Alpacas